1 – login in Your Gmail and Click on Setting then click on (Account and Import) Tub Note: you need add account (Send Email us) Also Add account (Check mail from other Account)

2 – Enter your Office Email which you want add in your Gmail

3 – Enter user name ( your Email address ) then password also Pop Server ( mail.yourdomainname.com or .af ) and much be check Box ( Leave a Copy of Retrieved message on the Server )

4 – click Next

5 – Enter your Name or Email address which you want display on title of Inbox when you send email to any one

6 – Enter SMTP Server ( mail.yourdomainname.com or .af ) then user name your Email address and password of Email

7 – A Confirmation Code or Verification code will be sent to your Office Email, check your official Email and enter code which you got in your office Email Then Click on Verify