Dedicated IP Address

IPs and the Domain Name System servers

When covering IP addresses, it’s important to know what is the DNS. DNS resolution is the process for when a domain name gets translated by your computer into an IP address. For this to occur, a DNS query must be sent out by the computer, which  then funnels through four separate DNS servers on the journey to its target goal. These four stages are:

  1. DNS recursor – A web server receives all requests from applications and begins the search for the proper address. Using the information available, the DNS recursor sorts this query and sends it along its proper path.  
  2. Root name server – The first phase of name conversion into IP address.
  3. Top Level Domain name server – This server moves the process along, sorting according to the domain’s extension.
  4. Authoritative name server – The final stop of this request, this locates the domain’s linked IP address, translates it, returns the message to the recursor, and then completes its command.
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